Wheaten Terrier

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier — A complete guide.

As a puppy, almost all dogs are irresistibly cute. However, the mature canine and its personality characteristics must be the determining criteria when selecting a new companion from a specific breed of dogs. The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier many truly awesome characteristics and it definitely should be considered.


The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is a companionable and caring dog who is always happiest when sharing family life, which typically includes the furniture and your bed. Despite your best efforts, these endearing dogs will find their way into the couch and beyond. As an intelligent and sensitive Terrier, this breed is not adapted to kennel-life or living in solitude. Being cooped up all day can trigger sadness and isolation, as well as have a negative impact on its sunny nature, but they are not suitable for working owners who are out all day. The individual’s puppy-like excitement normally persists into old age.

A jumping dog

The Wheaten greeting has become iconic. Not everyone enjoys being unexpectedly bombarded with a storm of dirty paws and damp hair when the happy and joyful Wheaten Terrier puppy enthusiastically jumps up on anyone close enough. Dogs can also object to a playing child cajoling them, putting the child at risk of being nipped.

A guarding dog

The Wheaten Terrier will guard and defend its property. While he is not a yappy dog, his effective warning bark would leave no doubt that he means business. If a dog who lives alone is left by himself for a prolonged amount of time, it may become agitated and alarm everyone. He will bark and show his unhappiness and fear, much to the irritation of the neighbors.

The Wheaten Terrier is a tough buddy

While many people are drawn to this lovely breed because of its gleaming palomino curves and waves, this Terrier is no pushover. Don’t be fooled… Underneath his glitzy exterior, there is a rugged, dynamic, high-energy Terrier that will not stand down and is just enough dog for any task, no matter how difficult.

Grooming the Wheaten Terrier

Grooming is a constant concern. The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier does not moult, which makes it all a bit easier, but the hair needs a lot of care. The coat of the Wheaten Terrier ranges from light and silky to coarse and fluffy, with everything in between. Both coats will knot and matt, necessitating regular grooming. The puppy hair falls out at about 8 months of age and your pet will need regular combing until at least 18 months when it turns into the adult coat. This everyday routine is relaxing for some; while for others, it’s a tedious obligation. If not done right, or neglected, it can make the dog uncomfortable and sore.

The Weathen Terrier as a full-grown, adult dog

All puppies grow up. Your adult dog may spend all day resting on the couch seemingly asleep but will leap into action as you reach for your shoes. As an expert of body language, your pet will learn to read your moods and actions from a young age having every desire to live in harmony with its family. ‘Zoomies’ and ‘Wheaten Whirls’ are all typical glee expressions adopted by your pet to make you smile.



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