White German Shepherd

The white german shepherd dog

White German Shepherd — A Comprehensive Guide To Owning A White-Coat Dog

The White German Shepherd’s Explanation

The White German Shepherd’s Temperament

Physical Activity and Recreation

How to Groom a White German Shepherd

Considerations before Purchasing A White GSD

Capabilities in Herding

Health Concerns

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia is the most common health condition associated with GSDs. These diseases are typically inherited and can manifest at any age. However, the signs are most often seen in older dogs.
  • Other issues can occur, such as respiratory allergies, flea allergies, or food allergies.
  • Some white German Shepherd lines can develop malabsorption syndrome, as well as a number of eye diseases.
  • German Shepherds have also been known to develop Lupus and Congenital Spine Disease, though cases of these two diseases are uncommon.

Living Conditions



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