White Golden Retriever — A complete guide

White Golden Retriever(English Cream Golden Retriever)

What is a White Golden Retriever?

The colors on the end of the scale, white and black are sometimes disqualified from conformation shows. The various standards differ a lot, and if you’d like to compete with your dog, you should be aware that the American Kennel Club normally does not allow pure white or pure black. But it’s up to the judge of the show. So, get well informed on the subject before purchasing your puppy.

For this reason, white Golden Retrievers aren’t as common as typical Goldens, but a few families in the United States have adopted them and haven’t been disappointed. After all, they possess all of the qualities that have made Golden Retrievers so famous.

The White Golden Retriever vs The Golden Golden Retriever

Flat-Coated Retriever
Flat-Coated Retriever

At first, they were included in the Flat-Coated Retriever category, but in the early 1900s, when they were given their own classification. In 1920, they were recognized as Golden Retrievers. It was bred as a Gun-dog, used for hunting.

The fur of a white Golden Retriever is light in color compared to the normal shade. Scottish breeders developed Golden Retrievers in the nineteenth century, and it took over 50 years to evolve this genius puppy. Several separate dog breeds were mixed together to produce the Golden Retriever that we know today. The color variation is most definitely due to the Goldens’ varied genetic heritage. Lighter-toned dogs and golden-toned dogs evolved into two subspecies of the same dog breed over time, English Cream Golden Retriever and American Golden Retriever.

Because of their lighter-colored fur, English Cream Golden Retrievers are also known as White Goldens. The white-colored dogs are not so common in the United States, as they are in other parts of the world.

Temperament and Character

Golden Retriever

White Golden Retrievers are more or less just another color of Golden Retriever. As a result, their character is very similar of not identical to that of a typical American Golden Retriever. They share the same temperament, attitude, and exercise needs as American Golden Retrievers. Furthermore, they need the same amount of emotional stimulation as typical Golden Retrievers. The lifespan is approximately ten to twelve years.

Apart from the color, there are a few anatomical differences from the American Golden Retriever. These include darker skin, larger bones, and a more blocky head. Furthermore, the eyes of a White Golden Retriever are darker and rounder than those of a regular Golden Retriever.

In terms of temperament, both breeds are almost alike. In reality, a White Golden Retriever might be more laid-back than an American Golden Retriever. They do, though, need the same amount of exercise as their yellow-toned counterparts. This means that if you want your White Goldie to perform well and stay healthy, you need to take it out for exercise every day.

Weight and Size

The White Retriever is somewhat smaller than the American counterpart. Height is 20–24 for males and 2 inches smaller for females. The very small difference in height is more pronounced in bitches.


Grooming could be a little more time-consuming with a white dog. The White Golden Retriever hair is dense and double-layered. The lower layer of the coat is a dense and shorter insulating material, while the top layer is a water-repellent coarse and thick layer. Both layers should be shed out on a regular basis to ensure that the coat works properly, keeping the dog wet, dry, clean, and stable.

Buying a White Golden Retriever

White Golden Retrievers must be selectively bred to preserve all of the lovable qualities of a typical Goldie. As a consequence, you need to check the breeder thoroughly, not only the puppy. He would have to be well documented, and someone who ensures your trust. Before you take your dog home from the breeder, it would need to have had numerous veterinarian visits and health checks. You should expect to spend money on this, on top of the cost of the puppy.

First, the breeder should prioritize the dog’s wellbeing. Health screenings, vaccines, and diet are part of this. A trustworthy breeder should be able to have health reports for the dogs in their care.

Second, a decent breeder would be well-versed in the breed. He would be able to quickly answer any Golden Retriever-related questions you might have.

Another factor to consider is whether the breeder is serious about getting a suitable home for their puppies. A decent, respectable breeder would not give their puppy to just anybody. They will want to see if you will be able to take care of the puppy.

Examine a breeder’s testimonials to see whether they can be trusted. Testimonials, though not a verdict per se, can give a good idea of a breeder’s trustworthiness.

White Golden Retriever as a family dog

As long as the dog is stimulated and gets enough training, the White Golden Retriever happily obeys all of your orders and commands. They will keep happy and healthy as long as you adequately care for their needs.. White Golden Retrievers are not easily bored, so you can even stay in and watch movies in their company. They do need exercise though, and you should take care to provide them with enough physical activity. Walking, running, and playing should be a part of any dog’s daily life, but for the White Golden Retriever, even more so.

The White Golden Retrievers is a great family dog. They are wonderful with kids, they are loving, loyal, and intelligent. But they need a lot of physical activity. Running, go for walks, and playing should be part of their day. If that’s the case, they can be easy to train, and develop all the wonderful characteristics that have made the Golden Retriever one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.



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